Extended Services (Monthly Contract Clients Only)

The following extended services are available only to our monthly contract clients.

1) In home laundry.
2) Wash and change bed sheets.
3) Dish Cleaning.
4) Wipe and Vacuum all major appliances and furniture.
5) Carpet Deodorizer/Floor Touchups. (Per estimate).
6) Carpet Stain / Holes in walls. (Per estimate).

Extended Services (Available on All Packages)

The following extended services are available to be added with any package and are based on our per hour breakdown and each individual property. These add-on services are billed separately.

1) General Lawn Maintenance (cut grass).
2) Interior/Exterior window cleaning detail.
3) Do the dishes.
4) Change bedsheets.
5) Change and wash bedsheets.
6) Clean Microwave.
7) Clean Inside Oven.
8) Clean Inside Cupboards.
9) Shower Glass detail.
10) Packing/Organizing.

Get A Cleaning Quote For Your Property

Get in touch and let's talk about any little extras you may need with your cleaning service. While we mostly reserve these services for our subscription clients, we're certainly willing to offer these services for those who need it. Give us a call and let's chat!

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